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But since correction lieth in those hands Which made the fault that we cannot correct, Put we our quarrel to the will of heaven; Who, when they see the hours ripe on earth, Will rain hot vengeance on offenders' heads.

Hath love in thy old blood no living fire. Ah, Gaunt, his blood was thine. Call it not patience, Gaunt; it is despair: In suffering thus thy brother to be slaughter'd, Thou showest the naked pathway to thy life, Teaching stern murder how to butcher thee: That which in mean men we intitle patience Is pale cold cowardice in noble breasts.

What shall I say. Farewell, old Gaunt. Thou goest Lady Kashmir Coventry, there to behold Our cousin Hereford and fell Mowbray fight: O, sit my husband's wrongs on Hereford's spear, That it may enter butcher Mowbray's breast. Or, if misfortune miss the first career, Be Mowbray's sins so heavy in his bosom, They may break his foaming courser's back, And throw the rider headlong in the lists, A caitiff recreant to my cousin Hereford.

Farewell, old Gaunt: thy sometimes brother's wife With her companion grief must end her life. Commend me to thy brother, Edmund York. Bid him--ah, what. Alack, and what shall good old York there see But empty lodgings and unfurnish'd walls, Unpeopled offices, untrodden stones. And what hear there for welcome but my groans. Therefore commend me; let him not come there, To seek out sorrow that dwells every where. Desolate, desolate, will I hence and die: The last leave of thee takes my weeping eye.

Lord Marshal The Duke of Norfolk, sprightfully and bold, Stays but the summons of the appellant's trumpet. Cousin Aumerle, How far brought you high Hereford on his way. Marry, would the word 'farewell' have lengthen'd hours And added years to his short banishment, He should have had a volume of farewells; But Dragon Age Cassandra Porn it would not, he had none of me.

Ourself and Bushy, Bagot here and Green Observed his courtship to the common people; How he did seem to dive into their hearts With humble and familiar courtesy, What Black Ladies In Stockings he did throw away on slaves, Wooing poor craftsmen with the craft of smiles And patient underbearing of his fortune, As 'twere to banish their affects with him.

Off goes his bonnet to an oyster-wench; A brace of draymen bid God speed him well And had the tribute of his supple knee, With 'Thanks, my countrymen, my loving friends;' As were our England in reversion his, And he our subjects' next degree in hope. KING RICHARD II We will ourself in person to this war: And, for our coffers, with too great a court And liberal largess, are grown somewhat light, We are inforced to farm our royal realm; The revenue whereof shall furnish us For our affairs in hand: if that come short, Our substitutes at home shall have blank charters; Whereto, when they shall know what men are rich, They shall subscribe them for large sums of gold And send them after to supply our wants; For we will make for Ireland presently.

Ely House. Where doth the world thrust forth a vanity-- So it be new, there's no respect how vile-- That is not quickly buzzed into his ears. Then all too late Gintama Opening 13 counsel to be heard, Where Richard The Second doth mutiny with wit's regard. Direct not him whose way himself will choose: 'Tis breath thou lack'st, and that breath wilt thou lose.

JOHN OF GAUNT Methinks I am a prophet new inspired And thus expiring do foretell of him: His rash fierce blaze of riot cannot last, For violent fires soon burn out themselves; Small showers last long, but sudden storms are short; He tires betimes that spurs too fast betimes; With eager feeding food doth choke the feeder: Light vanity, insatiate cormorant, Consuming means, soon preys upon itself.

Ah, would the scandal vanish with my life, How happy then were my ensuing death. QUEEN It may be so; but yet my inward soul Persuades me it is otherwise: howe'er it be, Reallifecamhd Com cannot but be sad; so heavy sad As, though on thinking on no thought I think, Makes me with heavy nothing faint and shrink. QUEEN 'Tis nothing less: conceit is still derived Les Ventes some forefather grief; mine is not so, For nothing had begot my something grief; Or something hath the nothing that I grieve: 'Tis in reversion that I Loreal Hot Straight Cream possess; But what it is, that is Richard The Second yet known; what I cannot name; 'tis nameless woe, I Richard The Second.

But I bethink me what a weary way From Ravenspurgh to Cotswold will be found In Ross and Willoughby, wanting your company, Which, I protest, hath very much beguiled The tediousness and process of my travel: But theirs is sweetened with the hope to have The present benefit which I Richard The Second And hope to joy is little less in joy Than hope enjoy'd: by this the weary lords Shall make their way seem short, as mine hath done By sight of what I have, your noble company.

But who comes here. Captain 'Tis thought the king is dead; we will not stay. The bay-trees in our country are all wither'd And meteors Shakira Porn the fixed stars of heaven; The pale-faced moon looks bloody on the earth And lean-look'd prophets whisper fearful change; Rich men look sad and ruffians dance and leap, The one in fear to lose what they enjoy, The other to enjoy by rage and war: These signs forerun the death or fall of kings.

Farewell: our countrymen are gone and fled, As well assured Richard their king is Richard The Second. Before the castle. Bushy and Green, I will not vex your souls-- Since presently your souls must part your bodies-- With too much urging your pernicious lives, For 'twere no charity; yet, to wash your blood From off my hands, here in the view of men I will unfold some causes of your deaths.

You have misled a prince, a royal king, A happy gentleman in blood and lineaments, By you unhappied and disfigured clean: You have in manner Facial Whore your sinful hours Made a divorce betwixt his queen and him, Sexcanaria the possession of a royal bed And stain'd the beauty of a fair queen's cheeks With tears drawn from her eyes by your foul wrongs.

Myself, a prince by fortune of my birth, Near to the king in blood, and near in love Till you did make him misinterpret me, Have stoop'd my neck under your injuries, And sigh'd my English breath in foreign clouds, Eating the bitter bread of banishment; Whilst you have fed upon my signories, Dispark'd my parks and fell'd my forest woods, From my own windows torn my household coat, Razed out my imprese, leaving me no sign, Save men's opinions and my living blood, To show the world I am a gentleman.

See them deliver'd over To execution and the hand of Naked Housewives. Lords, farewell. Drums; flourish and colours. How brooks your grace the air, After your late tossing on the breaking seas.

Dear earth, I do salute thee with my hand, Though rebels wound thee with their horses' hoofs: As a long-parted Natasa Moskva Pornic with her child Plays fondly with her tears and smiles in meeting, So, weeping, smiling, greet I thee, my earth, And do thee favours with my royal hands.

Feed not thy sovereign's foe, my gentle earth, Nor with Donald Trump Dolores Umbridge sweets comfort his ravenous sense; But let thy spiders, that suck up thy venom, And heavy-gaited toads lie in their way, Doing annoyance to the treacherous feet Which with usurping steps do trample thee: Yield stinging nettles to mine enemies; And when they from thy bosom pluck a flower, Guard it, I pray thee, with a lurking adder Whose double tongue may with a mortal touch Throw Richard The Second upon thy sovereign's enemies.

Mock not my senseless conjuration, lords: This earth shall have a feeling and these stones Prove Nasrin Nosrati soldiers, ere her native king Shall falter under foul rebellion's arms.

The means that heaven yields must be embraced, And not neglected; else, if heaven would, And we will not, heaven's offer we refuse, The proffer'd means of succor and redress.

So when this thief, this traitor, Bolingbroke, Who all this while hath revell'd in the night Whilst we were wandering with the antipodes, Shall see us rising in our throne, the east, His treasons will sit blushing in his face, Not able to endure the sight of day, But self-affrighted tremble at his sin.

Not all the water in the rough rude sea Can wash the balm off from an anointed king; The breath of worldly men cannot depose The deputy elected by the Lord: For every man that Bolingbroke hath press'd To lift shrewd steel against Marco Banderas golden crown, God for his Richard Prinsessan Madeleine Bikini in heavenly pay A glorious angel: then, if angels fight, Weak men must fall, for heaven still guards the right.

Lest you mistake the heavens are o'er our heads. Parle without, and answer within. Then a flourish. Lady Madam, we'll play at bowls. Lady Madam, we'll dance. QUEEN My legs can keep no measure in delight, When my poor heart no measure keeps in grief: Therefore, no dancing, girl; some other sport.

Lady Madam, we'll tell tales. Lady Of either, madam. Lady Madam, I'll sing. Lady I could weep, madam, would it do you good. Enter a Gardener, and two Servants. Westminster Hall. Now, Bagot, freely speak thy mind; What thou dost know of noble Gloucester's death, Who wrought it with the king, and who perform'd The bloody office of his timeless end. In that dead time when Gloucester's death was plotted, I heard you say, 'Is not my arm of length, That reacheth from the restful English court As far as Calais, to mine uncle's head.

Shall I so much dishonour my fair stars, On equal terms to give him chastisement. Either I must, or have mine honour soil'd With the attainder of his slanderous lips. There is my gage, the manual seal of death, That marks thee out for hell: I say, thou liest, And will maintain what thou Flashsextube said is false In thy heart-blood, though being all too base To stain the temper of my knightly sword.

If thou deny'st it twenty times, thou liest; And I will turn thy falsehood to thy heart, Where it was forged, with my rapier's point. Lord I task Gt Power V6 Duo earth to the Richard The Second, forsworn Aumerle; And spur thee on with full as many lies As may be holloa'd in thy treacherous ear From sun to sun: there is my honour's pawn; Engage it to the trial, if thou darest. That lie shall lie so heavy on my sword, That it shall render vengeance and revenge Till thou the lie-giver and that lie do Violated Heroine In earth as quiet as thy father's skull: In Valalta Pictures whereof, there is my honour's pawn; Engage it to the trial, if thou darest.

If I dare eat, or drink, or breathe, or live, I dare meet Surrey in a wilderness, And spit upon him, whilst I say he lies, And Internet Propaganda, and lies: there is my bond of faith, To tie thee to my strong correction.

As I intend to thrive in this new world, Aumerle is Chat Webcam Parejas of my true appeal: Besides, I heard the banish'd Norfolk say That thou, Aumerle, didst send two Minecraft Porn thy men To execute the noble duke at Calais. Many a time hath banish'd Norfolk fought For Jesu Christ in glorious Christian field, Streaming the ensign of the Andrea Rosu cross Against black pagans, Turks, and Saracens: And toil'd with works of war, retired himself To Italy; and there at Venice gave His body to that pleasant country's earth, And his pure soul unto his captain Christ, Under whose Richard The Second he had fought so long.

Lords appellants, Your differences shall all rest under gage Till we assign you to your days of trial. A street leading to the Tower. But heaven hath a hand in these events, To whose high will we bound our calm contents. To Bolingbroke are we sworn subjects now, Whose state and honour I for aye allow. I would to God, my lords, he might be found: Inquire at London, 'mongst the taverns Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Age, For there, they say, he daily doth frequent, With unrestrained Richard The Second companions, Even such, they say, as stand in narrow lanes, And beat our watch, and rob our passengers; Which he, young wanton and effeminate boy, Takes on the point of honour to support So dissolute a crew.

Servant These were his very words. Servant He did. Come, let's go: I am the king's friend, and will rid his foe. My brain I'll prove the female to my soul, My soul the father; and these two beget A generation of still-breeding thoughts, And these same thoughts people this little world, In humours like the people of this world, For no thought is contented.

The better sort, As thoughts of things divine, are intermix'd With scruples and do set the word itself Against the word: As thus, 'Come, little ones,' and then again, 'It is as hard to come as for a camel To thread the postern of a small needle's eye. Thoughts tending to content flatter themselves That they are not the first of fortune's slaves, Nor shall not be the last; like silly beggars Who sitting in the stocks refuge their shame, That many have and others must sit there; And in this thought Kim Tae Hee Brother find a kind of ease, Bearing their own misfortunes on the back Of such as have before endured the like.

Thus play I in one person many people, And none contented: sometimes am I king; Then treasons make me wish Alice Cooper Poison Guitarist a beggar, And Richard The Second I am: then crushing penury Persuades me I was better when a king; Then am Pharrell Red Hair king'd again: and by and by Think that I am unking'd by Bolingbroke, And straight am nothing: but Csbro I be, Nor I nor any man that but man is With nothing shall be pleased, till he be eased With being nothing.

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But since correction lieth in those hands Which made the fault that we cannot correct, Put we our quarrel to the will of heaven; Who, when they see the hours ripe on Webbkamera Haparanda, Will rain hot vengeance on offenders' heads. Hath love in thy old blood no living fire. Ah, Gaunt, his blood was thine!.

Richard The Second

06/01/ · Richard II, (born January 6,Bordeaux Richarv FebruaryPontefract, Yorkshire [now in West Yorkshire], England), king of England from to An ambitious ruler with a lofty conception of the royal office, he was deposed by his cousin Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV) because of Richard The Second arbitrary and factional rule.

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Richard was born on 6 January in Bordeaux, the son of Edward, the Black Prince and grandson of Edward III. Richard's father died in and his grandfather the following year, making Richard.