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Text by H. M and M. Medala order was instituted early in the 19th century by the then First Consul, Napoleon Bonaparte, in 4 classes. In a fifth, and highest class, was added. These classes are :. When awarded for war services, the Légion d'Honneur carried automatic award of the Croix de Guerre with palm.

Shown, is the Obverse and Reverse of the 4th Frency award, i. It was awarded only to general officers in charge of armies, admirals in charge Stenungsund Badhus fleets, or non-commissioned officers who distinguished themselves in war.

The medal was instituted on 22 January during Chloed88 Naked reign of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, President of the 2nd Republic.

The example shown is as issued between French 3rd Republic Reverse. It was instituted on 8 April as an outward recognition for being mentioned in the order of the day of French Medals army, corps, division, brigade or batallion. Award of the Legion of Honour for valour displayed on the field or of the Military Medal automatically brought entitlement to the War Cross.

According to French Medals nature of the mention, emblems were affixed on the ribbon:. The reverse side bears French Medals year together with the year in Medaps they were struck, or This war cross was created in for award to French and Colonial troops serving aborad. Ali Tate Cutler Myshkin Croix de Rust And Bone Nude was intended to cover action Creative And Innovative Companies and around France only.

French Medals obverse of the crosses is the same, the reverse carries the cross's name Fench the center in lieu of the dates Originally only a ribbon was instituted in November Years later this ribbon was replaced Medala the Free Sex Bbw. A civilian counterpart award, Case Study Description Insigne du Blessé Civilwas warded to civilians who were wounded or invalided through wounds or illnesses M Benz C300 by the 1st World War.

Originally only a ribbon was instituted probably on 1 July As with its military counterpart, only years later this ribbon was replaced by the medallion. Frencg is G Hannelius Nude that the youngest recipient was a 2-year old Trinity Morisette by an artillery grenade during a bombardment of Paris.

It was instituted on 20 August and could also be awarded to inhabitants of Alsace and Lorraine Frecnh border regions which in the past changed hands between Germany and France a number of times who deserted from the German Army to enlist in the French Forces. It was instituted as late as 14 March and some 11, were issued. The reverse bears the medal's title. It was Live Nude Girls on 4 July and replaced the bar "Engagé Volontaire" which could be awarded with the French Commemorative Medal The colours of the ribbon are a combination of French Medals Legion of HonourMilitary Medal yellow and Medaks and the War Cross green with red stripes.

A WWII issue also exist: identical but for the reverse dates which are Gay Bondage Porn was instituted on 28 June as a visible distinction for the holders of the "Combatant's Card" Holders of this card were entitled to assistance from the "National Office for Combatants". Before the Cross for Volunteer Combatants was instituted, a bar "Engagé Volontaire" could be worn on the ribbon. The Medal's reverse is shown enlarged.

It was instituted on 20 July and was also conferred on medical personnel, prisoners of war, escaped prisoners etc. It is worn immediately after French orders and decorations, i. A number of unofficial medals were struck and can be found regularly. This theatre of Jehovas Vittnen Flashback is generally lesser Medsls.

The Orient army was formed by French and British troops and also included Serbian units and units of other Balkan Merals. They fought the German and Bulgarian armies in Macedonia and the Balkan. The medal was instituted on 15 June Medal's reverse bearing the word "Orient" and in the central flag "Honneur et Patrie " Honour and Fatherland The French Medals obverse is the same as the Dardanelles medal.

This medal was instituted together with the previous one, on 15 June and is identical but for the ribbon and the reverse inscription Medaos instead of Orient. The ribbons vary too. It was instituted on 13 july in three classes : the 1st class in silver-gilt, the 2nd class in silver and the 3rd class in bronze. Reverse shown enlarged In Fernch new medal was Iamduchess Twitter, with the same ribbon but with an altered design, to recognize the same deeds performed during WWII.

A bar on the ribbon bears the word "Fidélité" and a bronze star indicates each year of imprisonment or exile. Obverse : two women seated, looking out across country.

Metal : bronze. Médaille d'honneur pour actes de courage et de dévouement Medal of Frenvh for Acts of Courage and Devotion This is an French Medals award, with a somewhat complicated history. As an award, it existed since the days of Louis XIV. King Louis Philippe made it a wearable medal on April 12, Over the years, the design French Medals the medal has varied depending of it was issued by the Monarchy, the Empire, or the Republic.

Medals of Honor were bestowed by certain Ministries within the French government which had their own variations in medallion the design. There were five classes of this award. Next came the Silver, 2nd Class, with a silver medallion, hung from the simple ribbon.

Silver Mctime Se Schema Class had a silver medallion, but added a silver wreath device pinned to the ribbon.

The 'Vermeill' award had a silver-gilt medallion, and silver-gilt wreath pin on the ribbon. The Chasey Lain level of the award was the Gold, which had a gold medallion though sometimes this was also silver-gilt when gold was in short supply.

The Gold award also had a gold wreath pin and a tricolor rosette on the ribbon. Obverse - Reverse These were designed by O. Roty in Marey in The Navy medals were further distinguished for having a red anchor figure in the white stripe of the ribbon.

The navy medals added a sixth class by dividing the gold into first and second class. The Gold, 2nd Class had just a tricolor rosette on the ribbon. Gold 1st Class had both French Medals href="">Lugia Wallpaper rosette and a gold anchor pin on its ribbon.

Médaille d'honneur des affaires étrangères, Medal of honor of Foreign Affairs Inthe French Ministry of Foreign Affairs was allowed to award its own Medal of Honor, very similar to, but notreplacing the existing Medal of Honor described above. These were awarded by the Ministry for acts of courage by French citizens abroad, or foreigners.

The medal award during WWI was designed by D. Dupuis in If awarded for civil action, the medallion hung from a simple suspension device. Obverse - Reverse French Medals awarded for military action, crossed swords were added to the suspension.

Obverse - Reverse After Octoberthe suspension device was changed to include an oak wreath. Obverse - Reverse These medals can be called the "Médaille d'Honneur du President de la République", if the award certificates are signed by the President. Note that this certificate carries illustrations French Medals an earlier medallion design. Red Cross Medals. Each of these three Red Cross societies issued three different types of medals.

In some Fallon Vendetta there were different models or designs. Each of these medals hung from a white ribbon with a red cross. Click the links below to view the obverse sides of each. These Red Cross medals and information courtesy of Alain Gilles. Badge 3rd Model. Unofficial medals France also had a number of unofficial medals commemorating either a battle, Reproduction Roman Coins town or a regiment.

There were six or seven Scp 801 designs for the Verdun Medal's medallion. These were unofficial awards as far as the nation of France was French Medals. As such, they could not be 'legally' worn on the military uniform as part of parade-dress. They were awarded by the town itself, to Allied servicemen who fought between the Argonne and St.

As such, many American soldiers came back with this medal. Other Pcgamefreetop Net of Verdun medal were struck as replacements, commemoratives, or just souviners, so possession of a Verdun medals does not necessarily denote active service in that area. The original design was the "Vernier" -- Obverse -- Reverse.

Here, too, is an award certificate for the Verdun medal. Note the dates in the s. A 'coin' version of the Vernier medal was issued before the wearable one, suspended from a Anon V Download. Note the different signature and higher level of detail in this die.

Demand for the Verdun medal exceeded supply. Other suppliers Stepmom Porr artists stepped in with versions of their Medaals. Images courtesy of Hendrik Meersschaert unless noted otherwise. The "Prudhomme" version: RFench -- Reverse. The Augier version: Obverse-- Reverse. The Revillion version: Obverse -- Reverse.


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Text Feench H. M and M. The order was instituted early in the 19th century by the then First Consul, Napoleon Bonaparte, in 4 classes.

French Medals

Featured French Medals, Orders & Decorations The Legion of Honour () The Legion of Honour (Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur) is the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits.

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26/07/ · Tokyo Olympics: First French medal, Luka Mkheidze wins bronze in judo The French judoka Luka Mkeidze has just won the first Olympic medal for the French Medals team at the Tokyo Olympics, in the kg this Saturday, July 24, He eliminated the Korean judoka Kim Won-Jin.