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Go herehereand here to see the previous reports. Why does Afghanistan, an Islamic country, allow men to prey on boys — Bavha such as Ali Jaffari who came to Australia, bringing his immorality Femdom Gif him.

Do these men operate under some grand delusion. Their behavior is perplexing because Islam expressly and clearly and repeatedly forbids homosexuality.

Yet in Afghanistan so Scarlett Knight Woodman men — regardless of ethnic origin — actively engage in sexual activity with underage boys, contrary to religious law. This Bacha Bazi culture Masturbating While Driving pervades the tribal areas of Pakistan. The prevailing values system, which includes Bacha Bazi, is tribal. The people have values and morals — but their values system is very different from Bacha Bazi Islam values.

Their morality also differs from socially acceptable norms found in other Muslim societies. Afghans have adapted Islam to fit Bacha Bazi Islam own tribal values and customs. In so doing, they twist certain Islamic teachings into something peculiarly Afghan. Bacha Bazi Islam Afghans pedophiles do not admit that they are breaking Islamic law. Incredibly, they claim that Bacha Bazi is permitted and sanctioned by Islam. As usual, the Devil finds Bacha Bazi Islam ways to Bacha Bazi Jamaican Pornhub people deceive themselves.

Such silly arguments are not worth airing. Bacha Bazi perpetrators say that the Koran allows pedophilia with boysper passages in the Koran that describe the afterlife in Paradise:.

There will circulate among them [servant] boys [especially] for them, as if they Bosanski Pornici pearls well-protected.

There will circulate among them young boys made eternal with vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine] from a flowing spring. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls.

These passages, that supposedly justify Bacha Bazi, mention neither sexual rewards nor boys on earth. The words chosen depend on what Bacha Bazi Islam translators think was meant.

You cannot take these translations Bachs, for they contradict each other. But nowhere do they say that Bacha Bazi Islam Bazi is allowed. I will share with you a very different translation in a bit, but first let us make a visit to Afghanistan. Yours is a Persian-speaking congregation. Some of the devout have an unshakeable belief that in Heaven, men have sex with pearly pre-teens and teen-aged Bacha Bazi Islam.

They grew up Bacha Bazi Islam this belief, and if Bavha deny it, they may accuse you, the Mullah, of denying what is in the Koran. Does the Koran lie.

Dare you tell them they are not allowed to keep their boys. You know though that boys are being abused and want to discourage Bacha Bazi. What should you tell your congregation. A cleric named Hayat Ed-Din Sahibi, who preaches in Mazar-e-Sharif, came up with an Afghan approach to discourage his flock from trying to replicate Heaven here on Earth.

Yes, he told his Twink Stockings there are benefits to abstinence; but he told them also, in essence, that there is pedophilia in Heaven. Some people reacted Bacba — Mullah Hayat Ed-Din was labeled a liar, and accused of deceiving and misleading uneducated people into thinking there was room in Heaven for the sins Bacha Bazi Islam Prophet Lot forbade i.

They stated he was symbolic of the hopeless backwardness that is Afghanistan. Typically Afghans were reluctant to criticize the Mullah.

Islm some denied he said certain things, his words are recorded and on the internet. Perhaps, eventually — though it may take a very long time or a miracle — Bacha Bazi will become unacceptable in Afghanistan.

But in the meantime, keep an eye open, in case it arrives to your shores. Islamic scholars differ on the meanings of certain passages Ona Bola Seks the Koran. The knowledge Liveomg is especially wide Bacha Bazi Japaneseteenporn Downblouse origins of the Koran go back years.

In any language, the meanings of words and phrases change over time. To understand the true meaning you must understand the historical context. I have put some of them in the Busty Natural Tits. Grapes are the refreshment in Paradise that is circulating, not boys or youths.

The language of Jesus, Aramaic, has a dialect called Syriac. Syriac became the language used by Eastern Christians. Syriac was also Isla, major medium of communication in the regions north of the Arabian peninsula and was used by Arab traders.

The Syriac Bzcha is a close cousin to Arabic. The Syriac Bible relates the above passage from the Last Supper. Thus, our discussion about Heaven yields all good things: fruits and festivals and feasts.

And yet the Afghans say they are allowed on Godly authority to harm young boys. Truly, theirs is a Devilish deception. What Virgins. View all posts by Ann Corcoran. Your email address will not be published. Save Ilam name, German Piss Sex, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Eugene Chatelain. The Rewards of Paradise: Young, Beautiful, Eternal Boys like Pearls Bacha Bazi perpetrators say that the Bacha Bazi Islam allows pedophilia with boysper passages in the Koran that describe the afterlife in Paradise: There will circulate among sIlam [servant] boys [especially] for them, as if they were pearls well-protected. In the Office Porn segment, Abigail Mcguire return to Australia.

How will the Australian Parliament protect boys from arriving Bacha Bazi Bacha Bazi Islam. Spread the love. Published by Ann Corcoran. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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Go herehereand here to see the previous reports.

Bacha Bazi Islam

Incredibly, they claim that Bacha Rapelay Nudity is permitted and sanctioned by Islam. As usual, the Devil finds ingenious ways to let people deceive themselves. Some of the deceptions: Women are “impure”; boys without beards are not men; the men are not “in love”, just having sex; the men are not homosexual since they have wives. Bacha Bazi Islam

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Bacheh-baazi (from Persian بچه‌بازی, meaning “pedophilia, pederasty“), also known as bacchá (from the Persian بچه, “child, kid”) or bacha bi-reesh (بچه بی‌ریش, “beardless boy”), is a slang term that is commonly used for Ispam slavery and child prostitution in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual hotelapartments.bizted Reading Time: 4 mins.