Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos

Small rooms are a real challenge for designers. It will not be easy even for professionals to create comfortable conditions in them, while giving the room originality. However, do not get upset ahead of time. With the right approach, even in such rooms, you can achieve good results.

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As a rule, the interior design of a small bedroom should be not only stylish, but also functional. A bed is installed in this room, on which the owner can sleep or just relax. In addition to this item, there should be other furniture in the room. In order to use all the space, you will need to competently dispose of the available square meters.

Due to the fact that modern technologies are constantly developing, it is now possible to significantly save space. For example, having purchased an LCD TV, there is no need to put a stand for it. Now you can simply mount it to the wall. Naturally, this will make room for a pouf or other piece of furniture. There are also special design tricks, using which in the interior, you can visually change the perception of the room. But about which ones and how to apply them in practice, will be discussed in this article. Let’s also talk about interesting interior ideas for a small bedroom.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 2
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 2

Room style

Before planning a space for relaxation, you need to study all the design styles available. Unfortunately, the limited size of the small room makes it difficult to reproduce any direction. The fact is that some of them assume the use of rather bulky furniture, and in large quantities. There are also styles that require a lot of decorative accessories. And as you know, the more small details in the room, the visually it will seem smaller.

Let’s take a look at the available styles for a small bedroom.

  • Provence. This direction involves the use of pastel colors, which contributes to the visual expansion of the space. The positive atmosphere, so necessary for relaxation, is created with the help of floral ornaments and natural materials. You should not completely abandon decorative elements, since the arrangement of various accessories is allowed in this style.
  • Modern. The specified style is a tribute to modernity. It is comfortable and practical. Surprisingly, it is in it that you can combine various components taken from other design directions.
  • Japanese style. This destination is ideal for connoisseurs of national flavor. You can use a different color palette in it: from light natural shades to quite bright ones, such as red, orange.
  • Classicism. In a small bedroom in its original form, the classic style, unfortunately, cannot be reproduced. However, this does not mean at all that it will have to be abandoned. When choosing this direction, you will need to take into account special requirements: symmetry, unity of composition, luxurious elements, complex shapes, natural materials, an abundance of textiles, natural ornaments.
  • Minimalism. This style is the most optimal for a small bedroom. With its help, it will be possible to create a space that is conducive to pacification and relaxation. To achieve such results is possible thanks to the calm color scheme. The room, which is important, remains spacious and bright, only small inclusions are allowed to highlight accents. All forms should be simple. The interior is dominated by straight lines. The main focus is on functionality, that is, there should be nothing extra in the room.

In addition to these styles, such as high-tech, loft, art deco are also popular. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that it will be somewhat more difficult for a person to reflect their features in a small space than for those described above.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 3
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 3

Design techniques for visual expansion of space

Most people face certain difficulties when choosing an interior design for a small bedroom. The main problem is the lack of free space. And if the physical dimensions of the room cannot be increased, then everyone can influence the visual perception. For these purposes, professional designers have come up with a lot of different tricks. Let’s take a look at them.

  • In order to visually expand the room, you should not overload the space between the front door and the opposite wall.
  • Light colors will make the room spacious and airy. Dark shades are recommended only as an exception. Bright inserts should be small and used in limited quantities.
  • The drawing on the walls is of great importance. For example, when choosing wallpaper with vertical stripes, you can achieve a visual increase in the height of the ceilings. But the horizontal ornament, on the contrary, will contribute to the visual expansion of the volume.
  • When choosing a floor covering such as laminate or parquet, it is recommended to install it only diagonally.
  • The main thing is to install in a small room those items that relate directly to rest or sleep. It is advisable to use only what the person will interact with every day.
  • Even in a classic style, walls should not be decorated with a large number of paintings or photographs. Massive frames especially “eat up” the space. The best option would be one picture, which is located above the head of the bed.

Color palette

Many owners, creating the interior of a small bedroom, make the same mistake. The fact is that all designers recommend giving preference to light colors. And most people, taking this literally, choose a white tone. However, without the use of accents, such a space can easily turn into simply a hospital ward. It is most likely unnecessary to say that such a bedroom will not be comfortable. In this case, you will have to use at least three contrasting accents without fail. Decor elements, textiles, furniture will perfectly cope with this role. Also in the rooms, the head of the bed is chosen as an accent. In some models, it is quite large, so it will perfectly cope with its purpose. Such a design technique can be seen in the interiors of a small bedroom in Khrushchev.

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Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 4
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 4

Pastel or neutral colors will be a great backdrop. You can combine any shades with them. Considering that the bedroom is a place to relax, it is recommended to give preference to naturalness. That is, the color of wood can act as a bright element. In order to give the interior a luxurious look, you can apply moldings. It is advisable not to highlight them with any specific color, but to paint them in the same shade in which the main surfaces are decorated.

Contrast accent

If there are some difficulties with the correct distribution of bright inserts, and contrasting elements in the interior are simply necessary, then it is recommended to use photo wallpaper. In a small bedroom, they only decorate one wall. It is advisable to choose one that is not crammed with furniture, that is, it remains completely free. Also, with the help of photo wallpaper, it is easy to correct layout flaws. For example, in a long room, you can bring the most distant wall closer with the help of a large subject composition. That is, the size of the canvas should reach a height from ceiling to floor.

Dark bedroom: pros and cons

Oddly enough, but modern ideas for the interior of a small bedroom include finishing in dark colors. These colors look pretty impressive, which is why a lot of people want to see a rest room like this. And although this type of finish is rather controversial, there are exceptions to all the rules. Designers allow the use of dark colors even in small rooms, but it should be noted that creating a harmonious space is much more difficult.

Undoubtedly, a dark bedroom has its advantages. For example, when using such tones for wall decoration, the boundaries of the room visually dissolve. The corners are smoothed out, creating a cozy atmosphere. Of course, there are quite a few such representatives of the palette, however, for this room, a brown scale is still preferable. Under no circumstances is it allowed to use black. In this case, the room will be gloomy.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 5
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 5

A bright bedroom is the best option

For people who are not ready for experiments, it is recommended to opt for the bright interior of a small bedroom. Photos of the best projects are presented by professional designers in large numbers, some of them are in the article. Based on these works, you can think over the design to the smallest detail. An important advantage of a bright bedroom is that minor errors will be invisible, which, accordingly, will not spoil the final result.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 6
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 6

Bright colors in the interior

Although psychologists have proven that for maximum relaxation it is necessary to decorate a room in bright colors, the survey showed completely unexpected results. Most do not want to see their room monotonous and monotonous, considering this design boring. Many people prefer bright colors.

As a rule, scientists do not recommend using red shades in the interior of a small bedroom. This is explained by the fact that a person, looking at them, can experience irritation, excitement and even aggression. Accordingly, he simply cannot relax. But is it?

It is important to understand that red has a wide range of different shades. And some of them will fit perfectly into the bedroom. For example, if you choose a light burgundy shade for wall decoration, then the negative impact can be neutralized by beige draperies of windows and flooring. Proceeding from this, it is definitely impossible to say 100% that red in no case should be present in large quantities in the bedroom.

Wallpaper in the interior of a small bedroom

What is the best finish for the walls in the bedroom? Although a large assortment of a wide variety of materials is currently offered, most people still prefer wallpaper. With their help, it is easy to fill the space with a positive and even give originality. It is not always the best option to use one type of canvas. Compositions of two look most interesting, which will be in harmony with each other in terms of color and texture.

However, when choosing drawings, it is worth considering some nuances. They are about visual effects. For example, in a narrow and long room, in no case should you use wallpaper with a vertical stripe. The fact is that they are designed to increase the height, but the volume of the room will visually appear to be much smaller. There are also requirements for the size of the ornaments. In a small bedroom, it is better to use wallpaper that is decorated with small patterns. Too large print will visually reduce the area.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 7
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 7

Mirror is a multifunctional piece of furniture

If you need to decorate the interior of a small narrow bedroom, then you cannot do without mirrors. As a rule, it is precisely such objects that help to visually move the walls apart, increase the amount of light, even visually raise the ceiling. It is important to understand that to implement a design technique, it is not necessary to fix an ordinary mirror on the wall. You can choose, for example, a panel with a glossy surface. There are also interiors where mirror tiles are used on the ceiling. Note that all these options look quite elegant and impressive. Mirrors can also be used to decorate furniture.

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Designers in rooms that are poorly lit by natural light recommend fixing the mirror in such a way that the window reflects in it. It can also be positioned, for example, over a sofa. The interior of a small bedroom will only benefit from this, since the mirror will be used as a decorative element. Near it, you can fix lamps, the light from which, reflected, will spread throughout the room. But where it is not recommended to place a mirror is in front of those places to which the owner does not want to draw attention.


It’s hard to argue that well-designed lighting plays an important role in any living room. Especially underestimate its importance in the interior of a small bedroom. Natural light will not always be enough for the room to appear bright and spacious. For these purposes, you will need to install various lamps and chandeliers at different levels.

The main lighting is on the ceiling. If the area of ​​the room is very small, then it is better to either completely abandon the pendant chandelier, or choose a compact model. The second level of lighting is represented by wall sconces. As a rule, they are located near the bed, directly above the bedside tables, mirrors and dressing table, if there is one in the room.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 8
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 8

Furniture for a small bedroom

Hardly anyone will argue that the bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. In rare cases, it is replaced with a sofa. The fact is that the latter allows you to save a lot of space during the day. Thanks to its folding design. However, a bed still has many advantages over a sofa. In the interior of a small bedroom, you can install various designs of this piece of furniture. Currently offered:

  • The beds are on the podium.
  • Built-in models.
  • Designs without legs.
  • Bunk beds.

In order for a small bedroom to be as functional as possible, it is better to select options that are equipped with additional drawers and shelves. This will allow the owners to abandon the chest of drawers or cabinets.

Small bedroom interior - options, tips, ideas with photos 9
Small bedroom interior – options, tips, ideas with photos 9

Decorative items for the bedroom

In order to put the final point in the interior of a small bedroom, you need to decorate it with decorative elements. Naturally, without any trinkets and trifles, the space will not have that positive and warm atmosphere that a person wants. What can you recommend for the owners of small rooms? Given that the space is small, you should not pile up a lot of small items in it. It is better to use bright pillowcases, beautiful curtains, mirror compositions as decor. But as for family photos or paintings, it is more advisable to choose one or two large sizes than a lot of small ones.

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