Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden

Well-groomed plants, a beautiful house, green grass – all this undoubtedly makes the rest at the summer cottage pleasant. However, if you place sculptures on it, it will become even more comfortable. They will add uniqueness, aesthetic appeal and home comfort to their appearance. Decorations for a private house or summer cottage can be bought, made to order or made with your own hands from various materials.

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Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden

The meanings of sculptural compositions

It is believed that sculptures not only decorate the site, but are also able to influence the environment and its owners. Before choosing statues, you need to familiarize yourself with what its placement will mean:

  • small gnomes – good luck, rich harvest;
  • animal figures – good health, long life;
  • sculptures of a man made of marble – protection from loneliness;
  • heroes of fairy tales – an interesting, varied life with a lot of unforgettable moments;
  • the dragon is a symbol of fertility, according to Chinese belief he is the deity of moisture and rain.

Many are skeptical about omens, but designers always pay attention to them when decorating a landscape.

Materials for making sculptures

The following materials are most often used for the production of sculptures:

  • wood;
  • gypsum;
  • concrete or aerated concrete;
  • natural and artificial stone;
  • metal;
  • plants (such figures are called topiary).

Made of wood

Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 2
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 2

Products are easy to make yourself. You can turn on your imagination and do, for example:

  • a product made of scraps of plywood and boards;
  • a decorative well or a hut made of cut branches;
  • decorations made of hemp, snags, logs, which, with their bizarre shapes, will themselves give an idea.

The material is environmentally friendly and will fit into any landscape design.

So that pests do not start in the figure or it does not start to rot, treatment with a special composition for wood is necessary.

There is also a negative point: sculptures from this material for a summer garden. For the winter, they must be brought indoors.

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From plaster and cement

You can independently make flowerpots, various shapes, using homemade molds.

Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 3
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 3

If you have a plaster statue at your own site or with friends, this is a great opportunity to cast a copy of it:

  • Dissolve clay in water until thick. You can buy it or assemble it yourself, dry it and pass through a coarse sieve.
  • Press the resulting mass into the existing shape. First from the front area, then from the back. You will get stencil forms.
  • Expose them to the sun to dry. If cracks form, close up with plasticine.
  • Make a mixture of dry plaster and water. In consistency, it should be like sour cream.
  • Lubricate the stencils with wax.
  • Pour gypsum mortar into molds and leave to harden for a day at a temperature of +16 … + 25 ° С.
  • Glue the two pieces together with moisture resistant glue.
  • Smooth unevenness at the junction of the halves with sandpaper.
  • Paint the sculpture with moisture resistant paints.

Of course, gypsum is a fragile material, but with proper care it will last for many years.

Concrete sculptures come in a variety of shapes. Step by step manufacturing process:

  • Build a frame, for example, from wire, pipes, etc.
  • Make a mortar of cement and sand (3 to 1).
  • Apply concrete mortar gradually, allowing the inner layers to dry.
  • Decorate the sculpture. For example, you can use decorative elements cast from plaster mortar into silicone baking tins.

If there is no practice in making concrete figures, it is recommended to start with the simplest forms.

More experienced sculptors can build a castle. Stones will serve as masonry, broken ceramics and tiles will serve as decoration. Such a structure will ennoble the site and will cost significantly less than buying.

Concrete can be left outside for the winter if covered with a box. Only occasionally is it necessary to renew the surface layer.

Of stone

You can use several types of stones to create garden sculptures:

  • Marble. Products made from this stone are real works of art. When you look at them, it seems that they are illuminated from the inside. Such sculptures add luxury and presentability to the site.
  • Granite. A durable stone that is not afraid of the negative effects of the environment. Sculptures made of this material look very harmoniously with granite benches, steps, fountains, paths.
  • Sandstone. Figures made from this stone are durable and inexpensive.
  • Polystone. Artificial stone, which is better than natural stone.

Having picked up stones that are suitable in shape, they can be painted and laid out with various animals in a flower bed.

Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 4
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 4

For example, polystone makes wonderful turtles, snails, etc.

Made of metal

It is a durable, wear-resistant material. The price for sculptures from it is not cheap. Copper and bronze statues look harmonious against the background of any building.

Copper is not subject to adverse environmental influences (ultraviolet rays, rain, etc.) and a sharp jump in temperature. It does not rust, making it easy to clean.

Sculptures made from it are often installed not only in private territories, but also in parks and squares.

Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 5
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 5


Topiary – curly haircut of plants. It is often used for landscape decoration in Europe. To decorate your site in this way, you need to stock up on great patience (the plant must reach the required size) and special tools.

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There are 3 ways to create topiary:

  • traditional – pruning a live bush;
  • figures grown on peat;
  • ivy sculptural compositions.

It is not easy to create a topiary with your own hands.

Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 6
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 6


Please note that sculptures require maintenance. They need to be trimmed so that they do not lose their shape and turn into thickets.

From improvised means

Creative people can connect their imagination and create jewelry from any available means. For example, you can use the following materials:

  • plastic bottles;
  • tires;
  • broken dishes;
  • branches after pruning trees;
  • old furniture;
  • cans;
  • broken bike and so on.
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 7
Garden sculptures: original ideas on how to decorate your garden 7

In general, with a rich imagination, you can make a decoration for a site from whatever your heart desires. The most important thing when registering is to observe the following rules:

  • The figures should be combined with the landscape design. For example, if it is made in a modern style, you cannot put up old statues.
  • The place for the sculptures must be selected in advance. It is recommended to make them out of cardboard and see if it will look harmonious in the selected area.
  • Do not overload the site with decorative elements. This will only ruin the look.
  • The figure does not always have to be the main decorative element. Sometimes it is more appropriate to place it on the edge and cover it with plants.

Landscaping is creative and fun. You only need free time, patience and imagination to make the site attractive, memorable and cozy.

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