Garden decor: ways of original design

The dacha is no longer a vegetable garden and vegetable beds, but a place to relax and enjoy nature. Every summer resident is tormented by the question of which garden decor to choose, and how to implement it. But many unique elements of garden decor are made by hand.

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Garden decor: ways of original design
Garden decor: ways of original design

Fabulous garden decoration

Original fences and curbs, winding paths, and small ponds will help to create a fabulous atmosphere in the garden. Many people think about how to decorate the garden. Someone comes up with a harmonious design and decorates their favorite dacha himself, while someone asks for help from landscape designers.

Fences and curbs

An unattractive and unkempt hedge will ruin the finest garden decor. This is worth remembering. An old fence can be ennobled with climbing plants or painted with bright colors. A low fence will help define functional areas in the garden.

Borders are also an irreplaceable element of decor, they are:

  1. “Greens” are hedges. It can be trimmed if necessary. The optimal curb height is 30 cm.
  2. Wooden. They are made of planed vertical bar or horizontally placed pegs.
  3. Brick. An exquisite option. Accentuate the contours of garden elements.
  4. Metallic. They help the paths not to creep, exclude the germination of grass, do not allow rubble to scatter to the sides.
  5. Stone. Boulders or flat stones are used.

With their help, boundaries are designated, surfaces are separated, used to maintain the shape of the tracks.

Garden paths

The main idea of ​​using garden paths is to connect the house with adjoining zones: baths, playground, swimming pool, barbecue area.

Garden decor: ways of original design 2
Garden decor: ways of original design 2

Methods for decorating garden paths:

  1. Pebbles, gravel. Not labor intensive and inexpensive to perform. In case of unscrupulous installation, they lose their shape and mix with the ground during rain.
  2. Wood. Beautiful and original. They require timely maintenance and have low wear resistance.
  3. Natural stone. Exquisite and attractive look, the most durable option. Stone paths are very difficult to install and are expensive.
  4. Tiles, bricks. They are very easy to install, easy to maintain and do not require large financial costs.
  5. Concrete blocks. Durable and easy to clean. Garden paths made of concrete blocks can be made of elements of any shape. If styled incorrectly, they lose their presentable appearance.

This design element should be both beautiful and functional.

Fabulous ponds

An artificial pond in the country is a striking element of garden design, it must harmoniously fit into the surrounding environment. The creation of a reservoir will not be difficult, but it will require the correct choice of location:

  1. Away from direct sunlight. They promote the growth of bacteria, water bloom, the appearance of mud, and also drain the reservoir.
  2. Away from large trees, as falling leaves will clog the reservoir, and the roots will destroy its frame.

Materials for creating an artificial reservoir:

  • Butyl rubber;
  • Polyvinylchloride form.

After creating a reservoir, it can be decorated with aquatic plants, populated with fish, and wooden benches can be placed on the shore.

Garden decor: ways of original design  3
Garden decor: ways of original design 3


If in the morning you would like to hear the chirping of birds – build original and bird-friendly birdhouses. They can be made from improvised means:

  • Unnecessary dishes;
  • Bottles;
  • Boxes;
  • Wood;
  • Other materials.

The birdhouse can be suspended, or it can be installed on any support.

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Original elements of garden decor will emphasize the natural beauty of the suburban area. Thanks to our own design work, the garden will become not only beautiful, but also unique.

Crafts for the garden

Someone likes to choose a craft for a garden plot in a store, and someone with great joy will begin to ennoble it, creating original beautiful little things with their own hands. Stock up on inspiration and materials at hand and start decorating and transforming your favorite garden.

Jewelry from plastic bottles

Although plastic bottles are not an ecological material, they are durable and durable. It will give you countless uses. With the help of plastic bottles, it is easy to equip a garden area. On the Internet, you can watch a step-by-step master class on making any craft.

Wood crafts

At the dacha, there are likely to be logs or board trimmings left over from construction. They can come in handy for crafts. But even if there are none, then purchase material for wood crafts in the store: from decorative driftwood to boards of various textures and sizes.

Small and large figures of birch branches, trunks and hemp look original. Leftovers from pine logs are also suitable, but they are first cleaned with a skin, otherwise you can get a splinter.

It is better to connect wooden parts with self-tapping screws or nails, glue small parts together. In conclusion, the craft is varnished, then it will delight the eye and stand for a long time.

Garden decor: ways of original design 4
Garden decor: ways of original design 4

Crafts from stones

Stones are also an excellent material for crafts, they are used for:

  • Facing of garden objects;
  • Decoration of flower beds;
  • Cutting of artificial reservoirs;
  • Creating winding paths.

But the original way of garden decoration from stones is the creation of artistic compositions. Only acrylic paints and wild imagination are needed.

Pebbles and paints will make a magnificent cat, funny gnomes, ladybugs and even just brightly decorated pebbles will look original in the garden.

Crafts from tires

If a lot of car tires have accumulated in the garage, use them to create amazing crafts. The choice is very diverse:

  • Decorations for the garden;
  • Ottomans;
  • Swing;
  • Flower beds;
  • Various shapes.

Use paint and tools to transform a regular tire into an evil crocodile or a beautiful swan.

Plaster crafts

Plaster crafts will also let your imagination run wild. It is very easy and fun to create plaster figures. There are a lot of possible craft ideas:

  1. Heroes of your favorite cartoons. The garden will delight children and will not leave indifferent parents.
  2. Various animals. Bunnies, hedgehogs, gnomes, small snails or frogs add charm to the garden.
  3. Flowers and plants. Creating a mushroom or flower meadow is as easy as shelling pears.

You can create elements of any shape and color.

Gypsum is a hard and durable material, products made from it are functional and practical. Crafts covered with a layer of varnish will be protected from bad weather.

Plywood crafts

Plywood is a simple and inexpensive material. Use it to create functional decorative elements, garden decorations, original fences, figures of people and animals.

Thanks to imagination and creative skills, you can transform your favorite garden in a matter of hours by placing a garden scarecrow, a woodpecker sitting on a tree trunk or a cucumber sitting in a greenhouse in it.

Garden decoration

DIY garden decorations are a unique element of garden decor.

Garden decor: ways of original design 5
Garden decor: ways of original design 5

For their manufacture, unnecessary and useless things are taken:

  • Firewood;
  • Barrels;
  • car tires;
  • Footwear;
  • old furniture.

Decorations by their own hands are functional or simply pleasing to the eye.

Magic Lanterns

To give the garden an atmosphere of mystery and magic, make lanterns from glass or tin cans. Cut out a geometric pattern on a tin, and paint a glass jar with stained glass paints. Then place a burning candle inside. The magic flashlight is ready! Such decorations can be hung or placed.

Branched installations

Use dry branches to create unique shapes and compositions in the garden. These will be:

  • Branched gates;
  • The arch separating the zones of the garden plot;
  • The figure of a person or an animal.

Weave a sphere of twigs or a cube that will attract everyone’s attention.

Mosaic in the garden

Mosaic decorating provides an infinite number of garden decoration options. To do this, use:

  • shards of glass;
  • Ceramics;
  • Pebbles.

These will be bright original ideas or simple classics:

  • Inlay nondescript furniture in the garden with mosaics;
  • Lay out the shore of the reservoir;
  • Make out a garden path;
  • Decorate the fence.

You can spread it chaotically or by creating intricate patterns. The effect will be overwhelming.

Places for rest and gatherings

Set aside a place in the garden for relaxation and family gatherings. Let it be a veranda, an original gazebo or a pavilion that will shelter you from the scorching sun or summer rain. If we add to this weaving plants and hand-made garden furniture, then a pleasant pastime is guaranteed here!

Garden decor: ways of original design 6
Garden decor: ways of original design 6

Even from improvised and seemingly useless items, original and delightful elements of garden decor are obtained. The suburban area will acquire a unique look and magical atmosphere with the help of inexpensive materials and imagination.

Thanks to this, the cottage will become a favorite place for a family vacation. You can constantly admire the decor for the garden with your own hands.

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