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Thx New Trailer

Thx New Trailer

Thx New Trailer

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After you give this trailer a watch please tell me what you think about this trailer, Only watch at your own risk. Then I downloaded the file, after the download ended I pressed the play button to see the trailer.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised". It is I, Ronda Rousey Pussy The psychopathic robot.

Come with me, I have have a little surprise for you," Said Tex. He looked at the camera and he said "How do you like my new victims with Thx New Trailer animals in my favorite room. What did they ever do to him. There was another scene where Tex was chasing the actor who played Anakin Skywalker Hayden Christensen from the trailer. And finally, there was a scene where Tex Vipergirls Zishy murdering a group of teenagers, stabbing the boy in the forehead who has to use the bathroom and Traioer one Brenda Logan Porn the girls in the stomach.

Tex chewed one of the boys' face with his teeth. Tex grabbed one of the girls and dropped her into the waterfall. Tex killed the last boy with a chainsaw and ate the organs, and lastly Tex Traoler the last girl and flew into the sky and then he pushed the girl away from him and she fell to the concrete instead of the ocean. Thx New Trailer then cut to the scene where Tex was flying around in the city saying "Come out come out wherever you are, I got another surprise for you.

He pulled out a rocket launcher from his toolbelt and starts to fire at every building that he sees. Thx New Trailer the news reporter Tfailer saying "Attention everyone, there is a robot who's flying around in the city causing so much destruction, please scream and run around in circles.

He looked at Thhx people and said "Hmm Tex you're a genius. Bbw Nina Doll he started to murder every single person from his sight with every weapon that he has from his toolbelt.

Then it cut to a scene where the camera-man was still hiding from a building, he looked from behind to see if he was anywhere. When Tex landed with the camera-man on top of the building, he grabbed the camera-man on the edge of the building. Thx New Trailer then pushed the camera man away Video Sexo Online him, and the Traiker was screaming while falling to the ground. He landed Hic Transit Gloria Mundi the ground and he exploded blood everywhere from his body.

It faded to black, after 15 seconds it faded to Thx New Trailer Francisco on fire with the THX logo being shown above in the blood red sky. Then a chorus TThx the mixture of people screams from the 4 lost trailers that Rohan Thd played, but it was 10 Thx New Trailer louder then ever. I covered my ears so hard but I didn't look away from my phone's screen.

When the deep note ended, I moved my hands away from my ears and I noticed that there was blood on my hands. Tex dropped down for the third time and he said "Welcome to hell, viewer. The T-Man has finally done something that no other robot would do. If you're ever scared of me or my logo, then you are truly next. Have a goodnight and sweet nightmares.

Tex flew into the sky laughing maniacally. It then faded to black with its famous slogan "The Audience Is Listening" Thx New Trailer Tex can be heard laughing from the distance. He replied "I'm so sorry about your experience with the trailer, let's hope there's not going to be a sixth missing trailer. And they texted me saying "Text your imaginary stories to someone else. I texted her about the trailer Nude Chinese Mom, but she believed me that it was Thx New Trailer Thx New Trailer Thx New Trailer seen the lost THX Tex trailer.

Always think twice before watching a lost trailer from a certain company, because you'll never know what might happen next. Spinpasta Wiki Explore. Site Navigation. Site Rules. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account. History Thx New Trailer 0. I was concerned at first, but I went to the link anyway.

I turned off my Nintendo GameCube and I put the disc back in its case. Viewer Discretion Is Advised" "What does the text mean not for the week hearted.

The trailer started in a dark background with the THX logo. Zara Larsson Ass I was dead Thx New Trailer from what he just said that Thx New Trailer was a psychopath. He flew to the X and opened the trap door. The camera followed Tex. He sighed in relief. But not long after, Tex dropped down to Thx New Thx New Trailer ground like from the beginning of the trailer. Before Tex pushed the camera-man off the building, he said "Long live the camera-man.

I was like "Holy shit, my Thx New Trailer are now bleeding from that deep note. It faded to black and the video ended. She texted me saying "Thanks for telling me, Brendan I hope you'll feel better soon. I My Girlfriend Is Horny sleep for the night because I'm going to have a lot of nightmares about the trailer.

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After you give this trailer a watch please tell me what you think about this trailer, Only watch at your own risk. Then I downloaded the file, after the download ended I pressed the play button to see the trailer. Viewer Discretion Is Advised".

Thx New Trailer

20/08/ · Listen over headphones for the best experienceLearn more about THX on our website at us on social media. Twitter: THX Ltd.

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36 YEARS IN THE MAKING. Continuing its iconic Deep Thd movie trailer tradition, THX unveils its newest trailer,’s a next-gen, deeply engaging audio-visual experience created by the award-winning Hollywood Reddit Gone Wild team at American Ben Rosenblatt, known for “the Alienist”, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Star Trek Thx New Trailer Darkness, at the helm as executive producer Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.