Do you know what should be in every bedroom?

A lot depends on the arrangement and amount of furniture in the bedroom. After all, the bedroom is a place that brings comfort and coziness. It is in this room that the most extraordinary things happen, letting into life an interest that contributes to physical and mental rest. Therefore, bedroom furniture, like the interior itself, obliges you to ergonomics, beauty and functionality. There are no strict rules about what bedroom furniture should be and how to stand. However, there are design recommendations on how to put furniture in the dream room, which we will burn about further …

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Key recommendations

Do you know what should be in every bedroom?
Do you know what should be in every bedroom?

A simple, thoughtless arrangement of furniture will “crush” and pile up the space. In addition, with the addition of fantasy, you can place everything you need in a small bedroom and keep it cozy at the same time.

Furniture items must be arranged taking into account the dimensions. Bulky space allows you to give free rein to design solutions and install massive furniture with mirrors, columns. But miniature squares oblige you to carefully think over this or that object in the room. At the same time, regardless of the size of the bedroom, it is worth considering the location of door and window openings, the presence of niches, possible irregularities and curved corners.

Cabinet furniture for the bedroom is varied, but there are main attributes that should be distinguished from the “crowd”. Bulky pieces of furniture have long been out of fashion. Today, the leading position is occupied by compact, fairly spacious furniture.

What should be in the bedroom

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 2
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 2

The bed is the heart of your bedroom, a place where you will rest and spend most of your time. This means that you need to approach her choice wisely and not make compromises.

The main subject of the bedroom is a bed: comfortable, comfortable, made of environmentally friendly materials. It is the bed that promotes healthy dreams at night and vigorous, with a good mood, in the morning. Therefore, it is worth buying a bed with a metal or wooden base. For easy cleaning of floors and further use of the bedside space, it is better to take a bed that stands on four legs. Naturally, it is necessary to supplement the bed for the bedroom with a mattress. It is better to choose a mattress under the bed with an independent spring block and different degrees of rigidity. For example, one side is made of natural latex with a light porous structure for a massage effect, the other is hard with a layer of hypoallergenic coconut coir.

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 3
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 3

If the bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, then the closet is the unconditional second place. Its dimensions are directly related to the area of ​​the bedroom itself.

The second attribute of the bedroom is a spacious wardrobe. Furniture manufacturers create wardrobes in the bedroom that do not take up space and at the same time place a sufficient number of things. If there is a separate area for storing clothes, you can replace the bedroom closet with elegant shelving along the walls.

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 4
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 4

A chest of drawers serves as an assistant to a large wardrobe, but it is also a very important and useful attribute of the bedroom. A dresser is often complemented with a mirror, decorative knick-knacks or a TV.

Another important cabinet item is a linen chest of drawers. A kind of accessory with or without a mirror does not take up much space, but it can stylishly complement bedroom furniture.

You can combine the above-mentioned pieces of furniture into a single whole with bedside tables, soft ottomans, banquettes, and, of course, appliances. However, a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a mirror remain among the mandatory attributes for a bedroom.

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Combination of beauty and functionality

Do you know what should be in every bedroom?  5
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 5

When deciding on the furnishing of a bedroom, you must consider both the visual appeal and its functionality.

Sleeping systems must combine comfort, ergonomics and safety. Considering the fact that furniture is bought for more than one year, you need to pay attention to:

  • Practicality. Furniture in the room must consist exclusively of environmentally friendly materials. Products should not: emit toxins, succumb to rotting and mold. It is worth choosing such pieces of furniture that fully satisfy the needs for a comfortable time in the room.
  • Content. Compact, with a properly designed internal storage system (drawers, shelves, gas lift systems, etc.) – the basis that the bedroom furniture represents.
  • Modernity and stylishness. Considering the decor items and the entire interior as a whole, it is worth paying tribute to the appearance and the color of the furniture in the bedroom. For example, for a bedroom in the style of modern minimalism, it is enough to install a mirrored wardrobe, a bed with bedside tables, a soft bench or an armchair.

Choice of materials

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 6
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 6

You can choose your bedroom furniture from a huge variety of materials, for every taste and budget. The main thing is their harmlessness and quality.

Today, bedroom furniture is made from a wide variety of materials. The best of all is considered to be durable, wear-resistant materials that have been carefully processed, do not absorb moisture and are protected from swelling. These include:

  • with a smooth surface, imitating wood and varnished with chipboard: inexpensive, durable, wear-resistant, resistant to temperature extremes;
  • with a homogeneous composition, durable MDF: looks attractive, safe for health, has a long service life;
  • natural and original wood massifs: oak, beech, ash, walnut.
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 7
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 7

Solid wood is not a cheap option for furniture, but it looks very attractive.

In addition to wood-based materials, innovative furniture is made of plastic or metal. There is a huge demand for acrylic, as its polymer properties are excellent: thin, strong, resistant to sunlight. Also, pay tribute to metal structures. For lovers of vintage and pretentious art deco, wrought-iron bedroom furniture is best suited.

Choice of colors

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 8
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 8

Choosing the right furniture is only half the battle. It is important to choose the right color palette so that the furniture matches the bedroom design.

When choosing furniture, in addition to the configuration, it is worth considering certain conditions for the color scheme:

  • Light furniture is suitable for small areas. The ideal style for minimalism or high-tech is a bedroom design with white furniture.
  • Discreet white glossy bedroom furniture can visually increase the space.
  • The design of a bedroom with dark furniture looks great in a bulky, spacious room in the Empire or Baroque style.
  • A bedroom with dark furniture and, at the same time, with bright, prominent colors – the latest fashion trends in the sleeping and relaxation room.

What are the main mistakes made when planning a bedroom

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 9
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 9

First, it is worth creating a visual plan for the layout of the bedroom, this will protect you from various problems. To do this, you can either contact a professional designer or create your own design for your bedroom.

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  • Beauty and no functionality. Often furniture attributes are installed in a room that are attractive in appearance without a multifunctional purpose.
  • Color spectrum. Black furniture in a small-sized bedroom crushes, further narrows the space that is already lacking in the room.
  • Ergonomics. Compact, space-saving furniture gives maximum freedom. Do not overload the interior with bulky headsets.
  • Harmony. Upholstered furniture for a bedroom, like cabinet furniture, should have one stylistic direction. Forged bedroom furniture will not look beautiful with a soft, loft-style bed.

Let’s start from the size and shape of the bedroom

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 10
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 10

Yes, there are design techniques to visually expand the space, but in fact it remains the same. Sometimes, you have to decide what is more important to you, the comfort and convenience of a spacious room, or the maximum functionality of the room.

Furniture and its arrangement directly depends on the size. But what to do if you want to install the most functional furniture in a small room and not steal space? Conversely, how do you arrange furniture in a large room?

If the bedroom is large

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 11
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 11

A large bedroom allows you to create with both style directions and furniture. However, you should not get carried away and clutter up the bedroom just because there is room.

  • The styles of Provence, exoticism, baroque, old classics are appropriate.
  • The less furniture there is in the room, the more spacious it is.
  • Lighting and textiles can further increase the free spaces in the room.

If the bedroom is small

Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 12
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 12

For a small bedroom, it is important to maintain space, otherwise you risk feeling the pressure of the walls each time you enter it.

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the space that is in demand in the least way.
  • Corner bedroom furniture with small dimensions will hide uneven corners and will not steal an already miniature space.
  • An excellent solution suitable for a miniature room is transforming furniture. Thanks to its transformation, the structures can be easily hidden and folded. Modular case units will also become relevant choices.
  • In a narrow room, the bed should be placed perpendicular to the longest wall in order to minimize such a disadvantage.
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 13
Do you know what should be in every bedroom? 13

Remember, there are always many advisors, you just need to listen to them a little, but the final decision will always be yours. After all, this is your bedroom, and your comfort will depend on how you make it.

The appearance of the sleeping area will look complete if you choose and arrange the furniture correctly. By complementing the designs with decorative elements and light, you can easily embody the cherished, completely unified style for a room that contributes to relaxation and relaxation.

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